Monday, June 16, 2008

All the Directory Assistance you'll ever need!

"Most of the beautiful things in life are FREE!" This how I find the kind of service 1-800-411-SAVE offers.. Now, I don't have to repeat myself for as many times as I've been talking to a machine before. I don't have to amplify my bionic voice for me to be heard and be understood for a very simple request like Baskin Robbins. It's really funny in a way and at the same time disappointing because it consumes our time.. You'll never be able to figure out what I've been talking about unless you try it by yourself. If your interested to know what I discovered, follow these simple steps:
1. Call 1-800-411-SAVE
2. Try a couple of different requests.
3. Look up for you own phone number(if your are unlisted).
4. Try looking up for the phone number of your business customers/associates.
5. Ask for a phone number by business category - like chinese restaurants, florists, towing, hospitals, doctors, dentists, churches, everything you'll ever need!
We can get so much more of their directory assistance services absolutely free! All we have to do is to listen to short audio advertisement(about 5-10 secs in length) and presto! We had it FREE OF CHARGE!
You might as well want to check out this video for more clarification.
Why spend for Directory Assistance if you can have it for FREE!